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Technology, devices and consumer behaviour have all advanced at a significant pace, and many suppliers and traditional market leaders – such as banks, merchants and acquirers – are struggling to keep up. In order to fulfil consumers’ expectations and offer up-to-date solutions in payments and value-added services, we need to collaborate and be open and flexible to the market needs instead of driving a closed business approach.

AEVI has built an open ecosystem in order to provide choice, flexibility and strategic value. One solution which brings banks and acquirers closer to their merchants and merchants closer to their consumers, opening up new business opportunities for payments, value-added services and beyond.

White label cross-border payments

AEVI provides a white-label, hardware-independent and fully integrated end-to-end solution portfolio which extends merchants’ cross-border capabilities to accept and process F2F payment transactions by any acquirer. The product portfolio is completely white-labelled and meets customers’ demands to keep their brand at the centre of attention. Transaction data will be consolidated and is more easily accessible, as AEVI routes transactions through a single gateway which brings together all data in one place, putting the merchant back in control. By being connected to AEVI’s central platform, which ensures the seamless processing of F2F payment transactions, loyalty transactions and value-added services using vendor-independent EFT-POS, mPOS and also ATMs, it has created a strong value proposition for market participants to overcome the barriers of complex integrations, regulation and certifications.

Create new revenue streams

Merchants need a future-proof solution, enriching payments with value-added apps and services to turn challenges into strategic upside potential with real end-consumer interaction. That’s why AEVI has created the first white-label B2B appstore and cloud platform linking banks, acquirers and app solution providers to deliver value-added services to merchants and consumers through its innovative all-in-one POS, Albert. Albert is an android-based tablet with an integrated encrypted PIN pad, card reader and receipt printer, capable of accepting secure payments (PCI certified).

AEVI is offering with its B2B marketplace a brand new channel for app solution provider to develop and distribute high-quality apps for the next generation of payment devices. Merchants can download apps from an associated app store in order to customise their devices and create their own operational environment to their needs. Standard “pinch and swipe” gestures make the apps easy for merchants to use, and improve the quality of interactions with consumers by turning transactions into enriched interactions. In addition to regular app stores, AEVI offers a full device life-cycle management, from provisioning a device to a merchant through to final decommissioning and monitoring in the field.

Acquirers and banks are able to increase merchant retention and generate new revenue streams and business models to go beyond payments with their own unique branded experience.

Through its open ecosystem AEVI is providing new opportunities for all businesses to grow, develop and be brave in their ventures by embracing collaboration and linking the traditional and new market players to drive innovation even faster to market and the chance to truly revolutionise the payment industry.

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