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AEVI are demonstrating how the payments market can expand into delivering additional services for merchants and consumers through their B2B App Marketplace; a white-labelled app store for B2B apps. AEVI have already worked on a project for Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) who have implemented a PI Business Network and app space as part of their payment solutions.

Based on this model, AEVI are making their B2B Marketplace available in Europe, through their platinum partnership with EVO Payments International, a leading acquirer and payment service provider in North America and Europe. The B2B Marketplace combined with AEVI’s end-to-end payment solution is designed to expand the scope and increase the value of face-face payment transactions for merchants and banks.

AEVI’s B2B Marketplace is complimented by their ‘Point-of-Sale’ device, Albert. Albert is an easy-to-use, multifunctional, Android-based tablet, which takes secure cashless payments in any currency or country and with any card or mobile device, whilst complying with PCI* standards and being EMV ready. However, AEVI’s Marketplace can be used on any Android device. AEVI’s solution is white-labelled, allowing acquirers and banks to brand their own version of the digital distribution platform when providing it to their merchants.

Albert and the B2B Marketplace are easy to integrate into small merchants’ operations and multi-national conglomerates. The ease of access, use and cost provides merchants with point-of-sale solutions that capitalise on current technology, yet remain open to adaptation and collaboration for the future. In line with the device and software being suitable to integrate into any business, the apps that can be offered and developed are open to all industries from retail to hospitality to transport and more.

Mike Camerling, Chief Product Officer at AEVI, says: “Albert and AEVI´s Marketplace possess unparalleled levels of flexibility and functionality, providing a wide range of new possibilities and new revenue streams. The solution is characterised by being an open platform, which creates new business opportunities for partner collaboration, value-added services and the opportunity to bring merchants closer to their customers.”

AEVI are presenting at Money 20/20 three new acknowledged app partners adding to their growing Marketplace. Each of these partners have developed cloud-based apps to improve business efficiency and effectiveness from information gained at the ‘Point-of-Sale’. AEVI’s collaborative solution consolidates merchant needs onto a single device; point-of-sale, operations management and customer relations, therefore improving total business efficiency and growth potential.

Each app partner provides their own unique solution. TruRating enable businesses to gain a quick customer rating at the point-of-sale. Welcome Real Time provide a powerful app that runs promotions and loyalty programmes tailored by merchants.Vasona Systems International (VSi) provide apps and services to the hospitality industry to serve hoteliers with operational efficiency tools. AEVI’s B2B Marketplace is and will always be open to contributors, with their ‘Software Developers Kit’ readily available online.

AEVI’s B2B Marketplace is an exemplar of efforts to adapt to changing expectations in the business world. It addresses higher user expectations where we expect the same quality, innovation and service in our business lives as we do in our consumer lives. It is well known that to compete with nonbank entrants, traditional merchant service outlets have to offer enhanced services to support existing merchant relationships. AEVI want to champion this with their B2B App solution distributed and branded by banks and acquirers. AEVI have proved the solution’s viability and success through their existing partnership with CBA who have successfully rolled out a solution in Asia-Pacific. Now, their platinum partnership with EVO, will make the AEVI solution available across Europe.

*Albert is the first PCI PTS 3.1 approved device – the major Payment Industry standard for secure payment devices. The device performs secure Chip & PIN credit/debit transactions online or offline using major card schemes.

About AEVI

AEVI has developed a unique open ECO system to bring merchant banks / merchant acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their consumers. AEVI provide a global gateway for payment transactions together with a marketplace for high quality value added apps and services (VAAS) providing new business opportunities beyond payments. This enables fast and effective innovation, plus enhanced control and flexibility. This combination delivers a reduced total cost of ownership for our clients.

AEVI work with their customers to help them embrace collaboration and adopt open solutions that have the power to deliver more value and better meet the needs of today’s consumer.

In short, AEVI enable business to DO MORE.

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