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AEVI has entered into a partnership with TruRating, a leading provider of a point-of-sale rating system to offer their customer feedback solution via AEVI’s Global Marketplace to Merchants Banks & Merchant Acquirers.

Building on AEVI‘s recent partnership announcements with Kounta and VSI, AEVI is pleased to welcome TruRating to the Global Marketplace, a collection of business-standard, high-quality value-added apps and services delivered to clients through a white-labelled marketplace in a secure environment. This is designed to revolutionise how merchants conduct and streamline their businesses by providing a new way of engaging with customers. By providing TruRating, AEVI’s Customers can now enable their merchants to receive faster and smarter customer feedback at the point-of-payment. Ratings without rantings. TruRating helps businesses gather regular, accurate insight through simple and anonymous customer feedback at the point of payment. Once activated, one of five simple questions appears on the terminal screen during each payment process and consumers can anonymously rate an aspect of their experience. This allows data to be gathered and fed into an easy-to-use analytics dashboard accessible online or via the TruRating app. TruRating averages an 88% response rate, which means that merchants get to hear from the majority, not just the overly negative or suspiciously positive ones. It’s easy for merchants to set up, and even easier for their customers to use. With the TruRating solution joining AEVI’s Global Marketplace, merchants in the retail, hospitality & travel, services, health & lifestyle and food & beverage industries will be able to track customer ratings easily, and quickly respond to customer concerns. Georgina Nelson, Founder and CEO of TruRating, commented, “Everyone at TruRating is super excited to be working side-by-side with AEVI as they kick off their journey into the US. Here at TruRating, our aim is to bring honesty and transparency back to consumer ratings globally. We are constantly hearing from businesses of all shapes and sizes that there is a huge appetite to get validated, real-time ratings from the majority of their customers. Now 88% of people asked to rate, do. It’s such an easy way for consumers to have their say and be listened to, and for merchants to respond and improve.” “We are delighted to welcome TruRating as a partner for our Global Marketplace,” says Mike Camerling, Chief Product Officer & Board Member at AEVI. “TruRating’s application enables our customers, merchant banks and acquirers, to provide their merchants with a service that will give voice to their customers through the point-of-sale. With this application, merchants will be able to better understand their customers’ needs and make better informed decisions, hence increasing choice and flexibility”. TruRating will join AEVI on their booth at Money 20/20 Las Vegas, the world’s largest payments and financial services innovation event on October 23-26, 2016. At the event AEVI will present its open ecosystem, Global Marketplace and connected devices, together with many App Partners at Booth 1221. Moreover, AEVI is going to announce a third-party vendor cooperation during the Track Session on Monday October 24, 2016 at 11:40 – 11:50am. At Money 20/20, AEVI and partners will be inviting US banks, acquirers, ISOs and hardware vendors to join them in their battle to bridge the gap in the market and develop the first truly open ecosystem.   About AEVI: AEVI has developed a unique, open Ecosystem to bring merchant banks and merchant acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their consumers. AEVI provides a global gateway for secure payment transactions together with a marketplace for high-quality value-added apps and services (VAAS) providing new business opportunities beyond payments, which enables fast and effective innovation, plus enhanced control and flexibility. This combination delivers a reduced total cost of ownership for clients. AEVI works with customers to help them embrace collaboration and adopt open solutions that have the power to deliver more value and better meet the needs of today’s consumer. In short, AEVI enables businesses to DO MORE. AEVI International GmbH is a subsidiary company of Diebold Nixdorf and is headquartered in Germany with operations in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. About TruRating: TruRating is on a mission to bring the truth back to customer ratings. How? By taking the pulse of consumer sentiment via the payment terminal – asking each customer to anonymously rate an aspect of their experience on the keypad from 0-9. Using hardware that’s already sitting in shops and restaurants around the globe, TruRating is making it easier than ever for every consumer to have a say. As a result, on average 88% of us are rating when asked a question. For the first time, businesses are benefiting from mass, validated, representative feedback, daily. TruRating is a global, rapidly scaling tech startup with multi-award winning, game-changing, patented applied for technology. They are already collecting millions of ratings across Australia and the UK, with Canada and the US going live soon. In time, these validated ratings will be available online, so that consumers can directly and reliably compare brands against one another to make decisions on where to eat and shop.
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