The merchant app space is growing and the idea of using apps to improve customer service and day-to-day management through applications is becoming more and more mainstream. Developing the right solution to simplify their lives can bring you much success, but getting the app off the ground can be scary.

Over 6,000 apps are put into Google’s Play Store every day of which many are useful and attractive. It is easy to get lost on how to best promote or sell and many end up not having the success intended. Therefore getting the right marketing strategy and differentiating your sales channels are crucial to ensure your targets are met.

Here are a few ways to improve your marketing for your app:

1. Get your story straight

To start with, write down the app’s feature list and description. Start by listing every little thing that can be done with your app and what makes it special. Focus on what will improve the merchant experience and the big differentiators for your app, highlighting what makes it special.

Then use this list of qualities to create a short, but powerful description of what it is and why a merchant should download your app. This should not be more than 2 paragraphs. Once again, focus more on the experience, on why the merchant should download and what makes you unique.

Likewise, create a strapline and tag line. Any app store or app marketplace will ask you to have these details ready. These should only have a couple of powerful words that truly show what it is.

Ensure it is not written in very technical language – a great way of knowing if it is easy to understand is showing it to non-technical, outside your industry and even older relatives. Not every merchant is very techy savvy and you should never expect them to understand the names and acronyms you use for certain terminology. If your grandma can understand what you wrote without any further explanations, you’ve done a great job.

And don’t forget to keep the description updated! How else are people supposed to know all the new cool features in your app?

2. Make a PR kit

Getting a PR kit ready is a great way to know what branding and marketing collateral you need to develop to sell your app. While you may have the best solution out there, it is important to invest on good marketing tools to ensure it looks appealing, connects with customers and sparks interest.

The PR kit should have:

  • App summary guide (description and feature list);
  • Blurb (quick description of your company and app – used on press releases);
  • Screenshots;
  • Design collateral (icon, logo, banner,..);
  • One pager;

These should reflect your brand, mission and values. As they say, ‘you only make a first impression once’ and with so much choice out there, it needs to be informative and snappy – no one will spend much time analysing if your app is right for them, so make sure to quickly spark interest in everything you do.

3. Create a promo video

According to HubSpot Reasearch, 54% of people say they would like to see video content from businesses and brands, meaning it is very important to invest your time in creating one and you should not underestimate its power. At the same time, it doesn’t need to become a Hollywood production either. Although investing in a good quality one should be considered, low budgets shouldn’t deter you!

This article from Marketing Week has some great tips on how to create a brand video without breaking the bank.

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