The 6th Annual Payments Awards in November, organized by FStech and Retail Systems, will recognize cards and payments excellence and innovation in the industry. We are delighted that AEVI has been shortlisted for this year’s Best In-Store Solution.

This nomination for best In-Store Solution complements last year’s silver award for EPA’s Best PSP or Acquiring Solution Provider award. This is a great achievement for our team’s efforts to enable next-gen acquirers to provide the best in-store solutions.

Background to the nomination

Digital transformation and e-commerce are immense challenges to in-store sales. Small to medium-sized brick-and-mortar outlets must strive to achieve a frictionless shopping experience that rivals that of e-commerce competitors. Creating the best in-store experience for both different needs and different markets is, let’s be honest, difficult to do from a single solution. Consumer expectations are different in retail store, restaurants, hotels, car repair centers, gyms or hair salons. Every store has different needs, but all need to leverage digital tools to create a more engaging experience for their consumers.
We see the best in-store solution as a combination of apps, payment terminals and payment services that exceed consumer expectations. Turing the point of sale into a point of interaction. It must also help merchants who are looking to streamline their processes, maximize profits and run efficient businesses. We are addressing these needs with a growing suite of AEVI-enabled devices, from SmartPOS to non-payment, combined with the right apps that incorporate point-of-sale management, loyalty and marketing solutions, business tools, and value-added services, such as customer rating systems and taxi services. Our focus is on providing SMBs with a tailored solution that reduces wait times and improves the checkout experience for customers, ultimately impacting the top- and bottom line performance.

For more information on our marketplace and find out about the bundles, visit:
AEVI offers the best in-store solution because it works with best-in-class app and hardware providers, integrating their solutions in our open ecosystem. Next-gen acquirers pick and mix from AEVI’s solutions to provide merchant-tailored business apps, agile support services combined with a seamless experience on any device.
Acquirers are able to provide small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from all sectors with eServices capabilities that rival e-commerce competitors, such as online ordering, and loyalty program and bill payment, to provide the best in-store experience for consumers. They can also efficiently control the point-of-sale, with easy integration of purchases, payments and inventory management.
Rather than solving a single problem for brick-and-mortar merchants, AEVI’s solution empowers acquirers to solve numerous issues across different types of businesses. It was developed with the understanding that no one size fits all.
The AEVI solution was designed for the next-gen. acquirers and is available only to merchant acquirers, VARs and ISOs.

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