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With more than 6,000 mobile apps released through the Google Play store 

every day, achieving visibility for your app is crucial. In an earlier blog, we discussed basic strategies to get your merchant app in front of merchants who may be eager for your solution to ease their lives. Here we discuss some additional strategies to extend your marketing reach and improve your sales prospects.

Improve your discovery

Depending on your app and how you plan to market, you will need different strategies. You may or may not wish to list your merchant app in an app store but, as the graph below shows there are multiple channels by which users discover apps so it is worth investing in others, such as:



1. Building a good looking website

This will be your business card, and should be informative and enticing, but also attractive to customers. If you cannot hire a graphic designer, you should make use of the website building tools available from your hosting provider. Many already have all the insight needed on how to create a striking website that is pleasant and professional, mobile friendly and covers all the basics. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and try to create your website from scratch.

Make sure to describe your merchant app and provide screenshots and pictures, videos, and customer reviews. Populate it with all the information a customer needs to easily find out what they need to know about your merchant app. 

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store optimization According to Forbes, Google’s first page results capture 71% of search traffic clicks, has been as high as 92%.

Therefore, being on that first page can be crucial to ensuring that your app is discovered when merchants are searching for solutions like yours. Although competition can be fierce, there are a few tips to get your website up there:
  • Create a great, easy-to-navigate website that has relevant content.
  • Use keywords that represent your type of app, repeating those words on various places such as titles, URL, page body, and so on.
  • Get links to your homepage from other websites.
  • Provide a blog that is informative and not too self-promotional.


2. Don’t be afraid of feedback!

 Whether in app stores or asking merchants directly, listening to your target audience – and answering them – is the key to ensure you have a bright future. After all, their insight is important for improvements and future versions!

If your merchant app is listed on an app store, make sure to answer every comment. This can be a simple ‘Thank you’ for a positive review or, for a bad one, an ‘I am sorry you didn’t have the best experience. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to work on improving the app’. Take note of any suggestion and try to implement them on future releases.

If your app is not listed on any app store, make sure to develop strong relationships with your customers and ask for their feedback on improvements they’d like to see.

3. Diversify your sales channel

With many tech savvy merchants accustomed to apps on their smartphones, it’s not farfetched that they’ll value apps that help out in day to day management and improve customer service. Many may already use a tablet with a point of sale app, obtained either through app stores or direct selling. But these are not the only ways to get your app into their hands.

Banks, merchant acquirers and larger point of sale companies realize that simply inputting orders on a tablet doesn’t go far. They want to provide more value to the point of sale by integrating other functionalities. Partnering up with them can help minimize your legwork and give you more exposure as they are already knocking on merchant’s doors to sell their solution.


To summarize

Although marketing can be daunting to some developers, the right strategy and execution can be the differentiator to ensuring your app becomes successful. Investing in the tips above are just some of the ways to get the right results from your marketing campaign. Don’t forget to always update your content in every channel to ensure your customer has the best depiction of what you are providing.

In the meantime, if you want to get your app in front of millions of merchants, register with and learn more about what it takes to become an AEVI Partner.


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