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Exclusive interview with Justin Coward, CEO at Smart Volution. Smart Volution’s Register is one of the Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) apps featured on the AEVI App Marketplace. The company has been delivering POS solutions for retailers across multiple vertical market for over 13 years.

Have you ever wondered how it is like to partner up with AEVI? We interviewed Justin Coward, CEO of Smart Volution, one of our Point of Sale app partners. He shares his thoughts on how merchant technologies will evolve and on their collaboration as an AEVI app partner. We discuss Smart Volution’s motives and experience of being featured on our App Marketplace and working with us to help merchant payment solution providers to empower small to medium, brick and mortar merchants to compete in the digital era.

Smart Volution chats merchants needs

Why did you start Smart Volution? 

In the past we delivered enterprise level highly bespoke retail solutions. We started to find that we were delivering similar retail applications again and again. In conjunction with this we saw many channels to market that were looking for a simple to use EPOS solution that was cross vertical but could also handle complexity and scale when needed. It needed to be sold via a channel sales force that is used to selling product and not a consultative sale. This founded the mission for Smart Volution. Utilising our experience with large retailers we designed Register EPOS to provide a modern, cost-effective EPOS solution for smaller retailers across multiple vertical markets. We provide innovation, experience and maturity to this market. 

How has the space evolved since you started? 

From a commercial perspective the appeal of our solution to the channel has broadened. Retail channels to market are ever more looking for differentiation, recurring revenue, increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and of course reduced churn. Hand in hand with this, end merchant customers are getting more sophisticated, they see what large retailers are doing and demand more. These requirements continue to drive our innovation.  

From a technology perspective the hardware that we operate on is now mainstream. With Android EPOS hardware being released by the likes of HP, Verifone, Ingenico and Pax.  When we started Register the hardware was mostly tablets and bolt on peripherals. This innovation is occurring at pace, especially in the mobile and handheld space.  

What do you think is the future? 

In short, we will continue with our mission and expand geographically.  We turn complex solutions into configurable products, sold as a service, which enable smaller retailers to gain the same benefits that large retailers with much larger budgets attain from technology. Our on-going mission is to continually provide top tier retail functionality applicable to all businesses, large and small. We have some really innovative ideas of enabling new technologies as a service in the future. 

 In the short-term future, I think Mobile Point of sale is very much on the rise. We have been “pushing” MPOS for literally a decade, but to be honest it has been held up by the hardware available. We believe that with the new generation of terminals with full EPOS, payment, printing and scanning such as the Pax A920, Mobile Point of Sale can finally be realised by merchants of all shapes and sizes. This will allow merchants to become far more dynamic in the way they operate and stay ahead of the curve.  Our customers are constantly surprised that they can operate our full Register EPOS on a handheld. We also believe that integration is also key for the future, there is no one size fits all solution in the market without extensive investment in a bespoke solution.  By enabling integration with other systems as a service we help enable omni-channel experiences that are obtainable to all merchants. 


Experience as an AEVI App Partner

How long have you been working with AEVI?

Smart Volution have been in partnership with AEVI since early 2017. 

What attracted you to AEVI’s developer community? 

Smart Volution and AEVI are complimentary, agnostic and enabling technologies for the massmarket. AEVI’s approach to device management, hardware, payment and marketplace provisioning means that together we can deliver a truly enterprise class, malleable and scalable solution. The combined offering provides simplicity to our end customers and differentiates the overall solution with the added value that we can both focus on our core strengths.

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How would you evaluate your experience working with AEVI? 

The AEVI team have been commercially and technically great to work with on all fronts. We have found AEVI to be both smart and have integrity. The project team have been proactive at providing feedback and changes based on customer requirements and we look forward to expanding our solution in conjunction with AEVI.  We are excited to continue to work with AEVI and deliver new opportunities together. 

What has been your experience working on an AEVI-related project with an acquirer? 

When working with an acquirer, AEVI has led the opportunity with integrity whilst providing us the ability to differentiate on our own merit. AEVI’s focus on leading the total solution has enabled us to focus on what we are good at in an efficient manner without being distracted. 

Why is it important to co-exist with other value-added apps on a payment device? 

Working with other value-added apps within the ecosystem allows us to focus on our specialities and core strengths and greatly enhances the overall solution set to the end customer. This differentiates the total solution, makes it more appealing and hence commercially successful. 

How is your app helping merchants improve the consumer experience in-store? What feedback have you received from merchants? 

We help businesses deliver an exceptional purchasing experience and drive profitability with centrally managed operations and reporting by providing simple and efficient Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) software.

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