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We have recently launched our new developer portal, and we are delighted to unveil its great make-over with a modern, clean new design and new functionality. In case you missed it, below is what the portal is all about. But first let us tell you it has been nominated for an award and you can vote for us to win using the button below.


Who is the Developer Portal for? 

The AEVI Developer Portal is for app developers. We invite all developers to join our community to create a better merchant experience and shape with us the future of the Point of Interaction (POI).
But it is also for merchant payment solution providers to browse through the App Showcase, where all the apps we work with are presented to give a taste of what integrated Point of Interaction solution we can create for merchants.

What is AEVI Developer Portal for?

App Developer Portal AEVI

The AEVI Developer Portal allows app developers to easily access AEVI’s API documentation and submit demo applications to be installed and tested on smart payment devices. Users can develop and access a global sales channel that helps merchants run their business more efficiently and improve their customer experience.



What will you find on the Developer Portal? 

The portal has been designed so that documentation is readily accessible, without needing any registration for our open APIs. Visitors will have access to all the documentation needed to develop to our platform and AEVI-enabled devices, such as:


• APIsDeveloper partnership
• Guides
• Emulator
• Java docs
• Downloads
• Bundles of tools
• FAQs specific to different solutions
• And much more!


The documentation for each of our APIs is structured with a section on how to get started, more detailed API overviews, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and finally the downloads required for developers to test the APIs. Developers also have the ability to search through all of our documentation, FAQs and downloads for any specific content of interest.


 The proposition and process for a developer to sign up and partner with us is also clearly mentioned, along with the supporting workflow built into the portal.

How to get started with AEVI Developer Portal?

If you are looking to browser through the content, you don’t need to create an account to access. If you are an app developers wishing to make your app available on our App Marketplace, it is easy, you just need to sign up and create an app profile. We have a dedicated team of App Portfolio Managers who are available to guide developers through this process. We have made it as easy as ever to get in touch with them through contact widgets and links on the developer portal.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs or contact us


Up for an award nomination 

We have been nominated for 2019 Developer Award. This award recognizes the Best Overall Developer Portal, so if you think our team did an amazing job at providing an easily accessible, well design, and resourceful website for developers, just say so: head to the website to vote on the “Best Overall Developer Portal” and select AEVI.

Vote for AEVI at Developer Award