Why choose App Marketplace?

New source of revenue

Generate additional revenue streams by offering bundles of value-added apps and services tailored to your merchants’ needs.

Merchant loyalty

Build long-lasting relationships with your merchant by offering an adaptable solution that will help them grow.

The solution your merchant truly needs

Offer a unique merchant experience that will empower small and medium-sized merchants to compete with larger merchants and e-commerce, by providing them back office functionalities and consumer facing apps. 

Bring apps together that are relevant for merchants

Point of sale apps, payments, back-office and consumer-facing apps working seamlessly at the point of interaction.

We work with a range of app developers who have developed apps to answer specific merchant needs. We make it easy for any apps in our App Marketplace to work seamlessly at the point of interaction with AppFlowWe help guide you in putting these all-in-one solutions together: we analyze your merchant types and their needs, and advise on how to market these solutions.


Offer your merchants more than just a payment solution. Get in touch with our team.

Our sales team is happy to explain the benefits our solutions.