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App Marketplace

Apps and services to generate new, recurring revenue streams and enhance the customer experience

What is the App Marketplace?

 The App Marketplace is the next-gen solution which transforms the in-store experience. It brings the new world of value-added apps and services and smart devices into context for small merchants.

The App Marketplace gives merchant payment solution providers and app developers the opportunity to generate new, recurring revenue streams. It provides the flexibility to match apps with the merchant’s needs without thinking of integration efforts.

What does the App Marketplace do?

The App Marketplace transforms the Point of Sale (POS) into a Point of Interaction (POI). With the App Marketplace merchant payment solution providers can offer their merchants an innovative way to simplify daily operations management and improve customer interaction and loyalty.

Merchants will have much more than just a payment terminal, they will have a powerful business tool to manage their operations and do what matters: focus on their customers.

Sit back and watch them grow.

With our App Marketplace watch your merchants’ business grow as they consume apps to streamline their operations and increase profits.       


How does it work?

Our app portfolio team knows merchant needs and apps inside out. Combining this knowledge with merchant base segmentation, we help our customers put together tailored set of apps to match their merchants’ specific needs.

From research, project development, implementation and delivery to merchants, we will be there assisting every step of the way. 

Why do I need it?

Merchant attrition costs $3BN per year. Merchant payments solution providers cannot compete on hardware, price and transaction fees anymore.

With the App Marketplace, merchant payment solution providers have a way to differentiate, to generate new and recurring revenue streams, and to provide solutions that will allow their small to medium-sized merchants to compete in today’s market.

For app developers, selling directly to merchants can be daunting and requires costly resources. By becoming an app partner, you will get access to a global sales channel and introductions from a trusted source: their merchant payment solution provider.  

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See the ultimate merchant experience come to life

What if you could provide the ultimate merchant experience for your merchants even on a bad hair day?

Introducing smart POS.
An-all-in-one digital solution for merchants.

It’s more than just payments, it combines apps on payment devices
turn the point of sale into a vibrant point of interaction.
Business can easily access features such as appointment booking, customer relationship management, customized checkout, loyalty, digital receipt, analytics, rating and much more. So they can provide an ultimate merchant experience.

Do more for your merchants, step into next-gen acquiring with AEVI and dig into the ultimate merchant experience.

Have a look at our Merchant Use Case >

App Marketplace features 

easy on-boarding with SaaS
Apps for everything

New merchants can be onboarded easily by integrating your system with our onboarding platform using secure web services.

App bundles by AEVI
Tailored, pre-selected app bundles

We group apps to answer the specific needs of a merchant type and deliver it as an out-of-the-box, all-in-one solution. After all, why would a retailer need a table management system?

Seamelss interactions
Seamless interactions

Out-of-the-box solution, with apps working seamlessly together to streamline the sale process and allow for more face-to-face time with customers.

Assistence and support

Assistance and guidance

We help merchant solution payment providers in developing the best go-to-market strategy by selecting and bundling the most relevant apps for their specific merchant base. From research, implementation and project development, we will be there assisting you with every step on the way.

Support by AEVI

Enhanced support

As a merchant’s business grows, the App Marketplace offers the flexibility to scale up and painlessly change or replace any of the apps they have installed. The apps in our App Marketplace are developed against our AppFlow SDK, so if something needs changing it can be done seamlessly.


Hear it from our app partner
Smart Volution

Do you wonder what it would be like become an AEVI app partner? Smart Volution tells you all about it. 

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Get started with App Marketplace

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Become a Developer partner with AEVI

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Become part of our community of developers who create the best merchant apps to maximize the Point of Interaction.

Become an acquirer partner

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You can pre-select apps and tailor your solutions to meet the specific needs of your merchants.

AEVI’s AppFlow paves the way to transform in-store experiences with smart POS 

AppFlow is what makes the AEVI App Marketplace different.

AppFlow SDK allows any apps to work seamlessly with the other apps available on the AEVI App Marketplace and on all AEVI-enabled third-party devices.

Although multiple apps may be engaged during a transaction, to the merchant and consumer it appears as one seamless checkout process.

This relieves merchant solution providers as they can:

  • Offer tailored POI solutions
  • Add, remove, swap apps to scale up and down their merchant solution
  • Provide better consumer engagement experiences
  • Reduce the development time & integration effort to go to market


  • No integration effort
  • Flexibility and choice
  • New revenue generation opportunity

App bundles: an all-in-one solution  

Offer a tailored suite of apps chosen to benefit specific merchant types. Give merchants tools that deliver real value to them, improving their daily operations and providing better customer interactions and loyalty.

We research each market and industry to partner with app developers who have the right solutions to fulfil the needs of your merchants.

We help guide you in putting these all-in-one solutions together: we analyze your merchant types and their needs, and advise on how to market these solutions.

Give merchants the scalable, future-proof solution they are looking for with the App Marketplace.


App bundles on AEVI enabled devices