Become a hardware partner.

AEVI-Enable your device to run more apps and make it available to our global base of merchant payment solution providers.


Why become an AEVI hardware partner?


The AEVI-Enabled strategy supports our vision of being a truly open ecosystem: Instead of locking merchants into a single system or device, we enable merchant solution providers to select the device of their choice.


We are working with the best hardware vendors worldwide to connect their devices to our multi-vendor platform with the goal to offer multiple form factors to our customers, from SmartPOS, mPOS to IOT or Non-Payments devices.

High Quality

We carefully select and verify the devices we enable to provide our customers with a high-quality selection of secure devices.

AEVI-Enabled. What does that mean?

It means a hardware is compatible with the AEVI Platform and available to acquirers to choose as part of their solution.  

We are always looking for hardware vendor as part of our AEVI Enablement Program through which providers make their hardware compatible with the AEVI Platform including the App Marketplace. The program enables acquirers to provide tailored suites of apps and services on a choice of devices, including next generation payment devices and non-payment devices.  


Have you built a great device?

Feel free to get in touch with our team to talk about how your device can work with the AEVI Platform