Business Solutions

The AEVI Platform enables you to transform the in-store experience by bringing the new world of payments, business solutions (apps) and smartPOS devices into context for your SME merchant base.


AEVI Business Solutions

Enhancing the merchant experience

AEVI business solutions at a glance

The business solutions part of the AEVI Platform orchestrates any combination of device-agnostic business solutions and integrations to be created and deployed into highly targeted merchant propositions.

Additionally, the business solutions team provides both upfront and ongoing consultation to build, refine, and deploy these solutions to your merchants. We work with the best 3rd party software solution providers worldwide to provide you with the latest regional and global POS solutions for different merchant segments.

Apps on AEVI enabled device



Connect using API’S

Learn more about our underlying API strategy which ensures a seamless integration and orchestration of the checkout experience tailored to any specific merchant scenario.

Compete in today’s competitive market

  • Tailored propositions
  • Cross- and upsell opportunities
  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Engaging customer experience
  • Scalability
  • Solution consultancy
  • Business data and insights

Merchants expect more

SME´s expect more

Increasingly, merchants will not look for payments as an isolated solution. Accepting card payments is just one building block of an encompassing product need and must seamlessly blend in with the rest of the commerce solution.

AEVI business consultant

Solution consultancy

Our solution consultants work closely with you to help define tailored propositions to match your merchants’ specific needs. From research, project development, implementation, and delivery to merchants, we will be there assisting every step of the way.

Explore our business solutions

AEVI's marketplace for Business Solutions

From loyalty to ratings, find apps that cater to every merchant’s need at the point of interaction.

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Become the glue of a dynamic ecosystem tying together all relevant actors to offer best-in-class commerce solutions for your merchants

Build solutions from modular components which integrate seamlessly through our platform, thereby ensuring tailor-made solutions that fit their defined target merchant needs.

Run seperate instances of the platform for various sales channels and /or ISO´s, through our sub-tenancy concept to be able to compose your own solution and target niche merchant verticals with more solutions and an enriched proposition.


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Software solution providers

Join our community and reach merchants at scale!

As a member of our partner network, you will get access to a global sales channel to drive customer growth. Embed your software in multiple global acquiring banks’ merchant propositions.

Developer Portal by AEVI
Offering a Starter Pack with apps on SmartPOS

ISO’s & ISV’s 

Build an integrated payment proposition to improve the value of your software product and create new revenue streams

Download StarterPack PDFAs an independent software vendor (ISV), we enable you to own a competitive software-led payments proposition through our smartPOS platform and a ready-to-go “AEVI Starter Pack” solution for your merchants. Offer entry-level merchant solutions by combining payment acceptance and business solutions in a highly integrated, compact way.  Help your merchants to create a safe and seamless checkout experience for their customers.