Endpoint Management

Classic EFT terminals are rapidly evolving in to a smartPOS business tool capable of running entire business solutions. AEVI enables you to allow any device to be set up, managed and supported in the field as part of an estate management function.

Endpoint management

Managing all endpoints, transactions and data through a single integration


More than a TMS – AEVI´s solution is a full payment management interface.

Any device such as EFT terminal, smartPOS, mPOS/softPOS accepting payments needs to be configured according to the processors rules and regulations ensuring correct capture and secure processing of this highly sensitive data set.

The AEVI Platform provides this functionality (previously called TMS) in a consolidated solution that uses the ISO 20022 open standard, making end-to-end payments nexo-certifiable, where applicable.


  • TMS functions​
  • ​Classic and smartPOS payment application – configuration and updates​
  • ​​Gateway – routing and transaction rules​
  • ​Firmware and OS management​
  • ​​Card acceptance management​
  • ​Multi-vendor
  • ​​Multi-standard capable
  • ​Manage/provision/update/support all your devices in one go​
  • ​Manages payment application configuration & updates (TMS)​


Smart merchant management tools 

Helping you to support your merchants 24/7

AEVI provides an advanced device management solution (DMS) that provides full visibility and control of the smartPOS device remotely. Our device manager has tools to install, uninstall and update the software on the device, along with gain telemetries such as device location, network status, battery status and available memory.

AEVI’s central portal provides user data that was previously impossible, which helps you to understand your merchants better. 


  • Have a clear overview of how your merchant is using the device.
  • Identify merchant propositions per merchant type and cross and up-sell opportunities.
  • Resolve problems in the field by supporting your merchants remotely.
  • Provision device
  • Manage security
  • Update apps
  • Provide support
Updating devices remotely using the admin portal

Managing smartPOS devices and apps without hassle

Endpoint management for smartPOS devices can be far more complicated than for traditional payment devices as smartPOS devices need to be set up, installed, updated and supported while in the field.

  • Upload and remove apps remotely
  • Security updates
  • Application versioning solutions
  • System software management
  • Application bundling per merchant type

Security is of utmost importance on any device used in a payment process. Actively keeping device software (operating system, system software and business software) updated, and ensuring no errant software is installed, is key to maintaining the base security of these devices.

The AEVI Platform takes care of all security maintenance.

AEVI-Enabled endpoints: Choose any device from any vendor

AEVI’s vendor-agnostic platform embraces a wide range of payment and non-payment devices, so you can offer your merchants the devices that are right for their business. We are open to connect any device to our platform providing you with choice and flexibility.

The AEVI Platform supports multi vendor hardware


Instead of locking you into a single system or device, we enable you to select the devices your merchants need.


Our multi-vendor platform connects devices from market-leading hardware vendors, including smartPOS, mPOS, IOT and non-payments devices.

High Quality

We carefully verify AEVI-Enabled devices to provide our merchant payment solution providers with a high-quality selection of secure devices.