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Get useful insights on how the payments world will change over the next few years and discover what merchants must do to stay relevant.

We are making headlines in the “Future of Payments”-report that was recently published by The Sunday Times:

  Topics included are:
  • Cybersecurity
  • Crypto payments and bitcoin
  • Unsustainability of late payment
  • “Buy Now Pay Later” schemes
  • Europe’s biggest banks take on US payment providers
  • Retail recovery with instant payments
  • Post-lockdown pub payments changes
The past year has seen the way we make and accept payments change dramatically, and the organizations that lack the agility to adapt at speed risk being left behind. This report will act as a blueprint for business growth and recovery in a post-pandemic landscape, educating senior decision makers and consumers alike on the future of the industry.
The Sunday Times report: The Future of Payments

Merchants seek to modernise face-to-face payments

Innovative technologies at the POS are transforming the market as customers want to be able to pay for their purchases anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Merchants want a customer-centric approach offering the best experience in the store. Read the full blog to see how you can become the merchant of the future.

Standards for Cloud Payments

Supporting payment types

Face-to-face payments have been doing a lot of catching up. As more varied payment methods have become available, offering more convenience, the expectation has grown to support them.

Standards for Cloud Payments

Embracing unified commerce

Whether consumers are online or in a store, they want a seamless transacting experience. There is an urgent need for all merchants to implement a unified commerce model that meets omnichannel expectations.

Standards for Cloud Payments

Providing real-time data

These expectations can be met with a platform that provides live data about payment transactions, which can pass through both merchant portals and online platforms. This real-time data is a game changer.

“There’s been a huge shift in the industry. It’s now the merchant’s problem if they don’t accept my payment, and it’s been accelerated by Covid and contactless becoming the preferred card interaction. Payments is traditionally a pretty slow-moving industry but that’s not going to cut it with merchants anymore.”

Eddie Johnson

Head of Pre-Sales Consultancy, AEVI

“Companies need to modernise their payments for the new commerce landscape and all of its smart, digital touchpoints, but a holistic approach is vital.”

Milon Veasey


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