Holistic Commerce – a digital revolution.

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Lockdown, social distancing and economic challenges highlighted and reinforced the customer need for a digital buying experience. In turn, merchants and payment providers were forced to act, and act fast.  

But what are the repercussions? This report looks at the state of holistic retail, the challenges merchants face and the best way forward to thrive and deliver successful customer experiences, no matter how consumers are purchasing.

A changing world for retail 

This report draws on global research and data to consider how retail has comprehensively changed for both customers and merchants alike since early 2020.

Why should you read it?  

  • We ask what the omnichannel approach means for the entire payment chain
  • We tackle the challenges retailers are facing head on
  • We offer guidance and reassurance for merchants and retailers 

    The scale of change 

    What does today’s customer, in the post-pandemic new normal, want, expect, and need from a retailer? 

    The challenges encountered

    Forward-thinking and customer-focused merchants know that payment services and processes need to keep pace with digitization 

    Finally… the solution

    For retailers and merchant-facing business alike, the ideal solution is a platform that partners with businesses to offer an open and agnostic approach, underpins the process, and supports merchant infrastructure.

    Don’t be left behind – future-proof your payment business

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