Simplifying face-to-face payments

AEVI provides you with the platform that enables your merchants to run their business smarter by giving them easy access to any payment technology and business solution. 

We empower you to upgrade to more agile, more data-driven propositions, resulting in the best possible in-store customer experience. 

The majority of retail transactions still occur ‘in-store’, but the face-to-face payments world​ dramatically lags behind​ the digital world when it comes  to technological advancements. Create a new interconnected world of payments, allowing the customer journey to take place along any combination of digital and physical touch points.

Who we serve

Merchant Acquirers



Fuel & C-stores

Global retailers

With the AEVI Platform you can …

… handle the full range of payment complexity, even across borders.

Our cloud-based payments gateway provides seamless integrations that allow cross-border and omni-channel solutions to be implemented quickly.

The combination of our  gateway and open payment app approach can provide a solution for any requirement.

… enable merchants to leverage the power of smartPOS.

With the AEVI Platform you can offer your merchants numerous business-enhancing applications directly on their (payment) device, including provisioning, device and content management systems​.

We are working with the best business solution providers worldwide to offer you various apps to create new engaging merchant propositions.

Holistic Commerce:

The digital revolution

Understand what the omnichannel approach means for the entire payment chain.

Setup for success with an open platform and modularity that leads to choices and higher profits.

AEVI payment gateway

Payments Gateway

Simplifying your payment infrastructure


AEVI Endpoint management

Endpoint Management

Centrally managing all endpoints and transactions


AEVI Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Enhancing the merchant experience


AEVI data & integration

Integration & Data

Insights and access to new data points for businesses and their merchants 


Simplicity, flexibility and control.

The AEVI Platform is the first cloud-based platform of it’s kind and comes with powerful components.

Standards for Cloud Payments

Standards for Cloud Payments

ISO 20022 and nexo certified.  

Endpoint Management Platform

Endpoint Management Platform

Entire fleet from classic to smartPOS devices.

Open API's

Open API´s

Easy integration of new and existing systems.

White label functionality in The AEVI Platform


Keep your brand in the center of attention.

Agnostic payment app

Agnostic Payment App

Fully functional plug-and-play for smartPOS.

Centralized reporting portal in The AEVI Platform

Centralized Reporting Portal

Better control and full visibility on your estate. 

Holistic commerce

Holistic Commerce

Combining digital and physical consumer touchpoints.

Partner ecosystem

Partner Ecosystem

Gain flexibility and choice of applications.

Get started!

We are keen to understand your challenge and we are convinced AEVI can help you to simplify your infrastructure, saving you time and money. Get in touch to discuss the wide range of possibilities.

World-class solution providers are using the AEVI Platform to simplify face-to-face payments

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