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At AEVI our goal is to deliver the future of payments in an open, collaborative ecosystem to acquirers and banks. Rather than competing for merchant business on price and hardware only, combine apps and services in the payment device. Give merchants  a more tailored proposition, creating true business value and providing choice and flexibility.

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Tailor your merchant solution in 3 easy steps


We help you to provide flexible and relevant solutions to your merchants.

Enable your merchants to go beyond taking payments, improve day-to-day management and create an engaging customer experience.

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Pick & Mix your merchant offering in three easy steps

Select and Bundle Apps

Our white-labelled Marketplace provides the ultimate choice of apps and services fully integrated into the point of sale. Tailored to different merchant types and taking into consideration their specific needs.

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Add payments

We offer you payments as a service, not as an obstacle, and help you simplify the complex payment landscape with just one single integration. Through our centralized payment platform your merchant’s transactions are not restricted by borders, regulations, currency or device vendors.

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Smart POS

Enable your device

Avoid device lock-in. We are device-agnostic and open to connect our solution with any hardware vendor of your choice. We bridge devices with software applications to create winning combinations for your merchant business.

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We bring your tailored solution to your merchants

Once you have selected your offering, we support you every step of the way with a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services to manage your deployed devices and merchant businesses.

None of these steps are mandatory and you can pick and choose which aspects of our offering you want to use.

We will help you become the partner your merchant is looking for.

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