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The AEVI Platform  

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AEVI provides the open and agnostic platform that enables merchant payment solution providers to move and manage their classic payments propositions into a new value-added world of apps, payments and smart devices. The AEVI Platform helps merchant payment solution providers at any stage of their digital strategy to tailor solutions to their merchant base. 

App marketplace


Device independent payment app and enhanced payment gateway functionality

App Marketplace

Apps & Services on vendor-agnostic smart POS devices

BI Dashboard

All-in-one estate performance analytics

Use case: smart POS + App Marketplace

AEVI has partnered with some of the top merchant acquirers to provide tailored and relevant solutions to merchants that help them manage their business better and increase their in-store customer experience. Combining smart POS terminals, value-added apps and services they turned their Point of Sale into a vibrant Point of Interaction.

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Unite with us to help merchant payment solution providers create the next-gen of acquiring services.  

Reach a global sales channel that talks directly to merchants. Leverage an open platform. Simplify integration efforts. Increase revenues.

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Join our community of developers who create merchant apps to transform the Point of Sale into a Point of Interaction

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Become a hardware partner

Leading hardware vendors AEVI-Enable their devices to reach a large global base of merchant payment solution providers

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AEVI enables next-gen acquiring for world-class merchant payment solution providers


AEVI clients Rabobank, AERA, NetPAY, WorldPay, Nataxis and more