Integration & Data

Omnichannel is lifting the checkout flow off its traditional track, allowing the customer journey to take place along any combination of digital and physical touchpoints. This in turn requires payment and data to flow across multiple channels, solution providers and endpoints.

AEVI caters for this new level of flexibility by simplifying the payments chain in-store, starting with easy integration and the ability to collect, pass and present the correct data when required. 

API-driven integration and orchestration

 AEVI´s suite of API-driven solutions allows for all partners in the ecosystem to seamlessly integrate with the platform and each other.

AEVI’s CloudFlow

The solution applies workflow capabilities in the cloud environment to allow remote systems – including payment devices – to interact with each other in a payment flow.

BI Dashboard by AEVI
BI Dashboard by AEVI

AEVI’s AppFlow

The solution provides on-device/endpoint workflow, giving optimal orchestration of the checkout experience – one that is tailored to the specific merchant scenario.

AppFlow puts the ‘smart’ into smartPOS, allowing for better app integration and utilization to offer class-leading merchant experiences​.