Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS)

An expanded partnership to simplify the omnichannel shopping experience.

In March 2021 we announced the strategic partnership with Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS). This partnership is all about simplifying the omnichannel experience. 

The AEVI Platform that integrates payments and data across all customer channels is both device and solution independent. This platform, combined with MPGS’ all encompassing digital gateway services, provides merchants a better choice to bring payments straight to where the customer is – across multiple touchpoints in-store and online. 

In a post-pandemic retail environment, we recognize that the need for omnichannel solutions is greater than ever before. Merchants face a wealth of challenges as customers expect personalized experiences at the POS, and the virtual and physical worlds collide.  

With this partnership we can better understand the needs of the customer, addressing their pain points, powering innovation and bridging the online and offline retail worlds. 

Browse the press release and listen to the podcast to discover how a synergy of digital and in-store will lead the post-pandemic world at the POS. 

Press release

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Listen to the podcast with Martijn van Os (SVP Product Management MPGS) and Mike Camerling (CEO AEVI) on the background, advantages, challenges and basic idea of this strategic partnership.

“We need to create a solution merchants can run their business with and deal with payments and the added value anyway they want. We are here to connect the on – and offline world seamlessly, in order to empower merchants to focus on their core business.”

Mike Camerling


“The combination of what we bring from our historic ecom pedigree and what AEVI brings from the device and POS perspective helps our customers to turn payment trends into business opportunities.”

Martijn van Os

SVP Product Management MPGS

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