Delivering the ultimate SME merchant experience 

Merchants need more than just payment acceptance

Accepting card payments is just one building block of an encompassing product need and must seamlessly blend-in with the rest of the commerce solution.

Make the shift from payment solution to commerce solution
Improve Merchant experience with Smart POS

What if you could provide the ultimate merchant experience for your merchants even on a bad hair day? 

Merchant acquirers working with AEVI can provide an all-in-one digital solution to their merchants. They can go beyond providing just payments, and combine apps on smart Android-based payment devices. 

By combining payments and value-added apps and services on smart devices, they turn the point of sale (POS) into a vibrant point of interaction (POI).

The merchant easily access digital features to enhance its physical environment, including: appointment booking, customer relationship management, customized checkout, loyalty, digital receipt, analytics, rating and much more.

With value-added apps and services, the merchant is able to streamline its operations, run its business more efficiently and concentrate on what it values most: its customers.

The merchant gets the best possible experience from its merchant services provider and can in turn deliver a first-class customer service.


Improve Merchant experience with Smart POS | Customer appointments

Improve Merchant experience with Smart POS | Performence


  • Deliver greater value and build stronger relationships with merchants
  • Support merchants’ growth


Merchant services providers working with AEVI get closer to their merchants, and their merchants closer to their consumers.

Other merchant use cases

There is no one-size-fits-all, each type of merchant will have different needs.

Manage Appointments

Keep overview of your daily schedule at the Point of Sale

Table Planning

Ideal for any hospitality business

Mobile Solutions

Connect with any device anywhere. Ideal for mobile ordering and delivery

Check Inventory

Easily see which products are running low

Customer Retention

Integrate ratings and award schemes at the point of sale