Payments Gateway

Having an open standards-based, cross-border and device-agnostic payments gateway at its heart, the AEVI Platform can handle the full range of payments complexity. Seamless integrations allow cross- and omni-channel solutions to be implemented quickly.


Simplifying payment infrastructure

The combination of AEVI’s payments gateway and open payment app approach can provide a solution for any payment requirements, including:

  • Connections to banks, acquirers and processors (routing)
  • International and local domestic schemes
  • Alternative payments, such as Alipay, WeChat, Klarna, Paypal, Crypto or “Buy now, Pay later”
Holistic Commerce

AEVI’s payment gateway is built with  seamless  integration  in  mind,  allowing  for  cross- and  omni-channel solutions to be implemented quickly. By lifting the restrictions between payments and data, AEVI instils the much-needed flexibility on physical terminals, delivering digital freedom of choice to the face-to-face world. A holistic merchant solutions that can be pushed to all those consumer touch points at scale. 

APIs and Terminal Management

Leveraging our open APIs, we integrate securely your existing (traditional EFT devices), and/or new systems (smartPOS) and connect them to a terminal management system (TMS) in a consolidated solution that uses the ISO 20022 open standard, making the end-to-end payments nexo-certifiable (where applicable).

Agnostic Payment App

Our payments module consists of a device agnostic payment app and enhanced payments gateway functionality. It allows to consolidate all different payment solutions into one single manageable solution. Besides this, the module comes with a fully functional plug-and-play payment app for use on smartPOS devices.

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Simplicity, flexibility and full control is what the AEVI Platform is all about.

Hardware independence

Hardware Independence

You can offer your merchants the payment device that is right for them. (AEVI-Enabled devices)

Simplified operations (cloud based)

Simplified Operations

Via our cloud-based platform your payments are rerouted in the most efficient way.

Open API's and integration

Open API's

Our open platform can handle any integration with existing or new technologies. You choose.

White-label solution


You can customize our solution with your logo and brand colours to have your brand in front.

One integration – full visibility

AEVI´s payment solutions simplify a complex payment landscape with a single integration and access to cloud-based, estate management, and reporting tools.​ Banks and acquirers – enables full global acquiring capabilities, rapid on-boarding of new customers through standardized deployment procedures, and understanding of their merchants via a consolidated view across channels, hardware systems and countries.

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Simplifying compliance

Our global accreditations

AEVIs solutions and services have been accredited by national and international organizations.


AEVI supports many payment schemes



  AEVI is registered with VISA


Supported payment schemes

We support national and international payment networks, mobile payment schemes and local certification requirements. 

Payment Schemes supported by The AEVI Platform

Supported payment methods

We support many classic and new payment methods.

Payment methods supported by AEVI