One platform. All devices.

A global, cloud-based payments platform

Enabling businesses to build their own payments proposition and take back control.​
Securely integrating all transactions and data across all channels and touchpoints.

AEVI payment gateway

Payments Gateway

  • Terminal payment connections  (ISO 20022 standards)​
  • Dual encryption zone payment routing​
  • Multi-acquirer or multi-endpoint smart routing​
  • Enablement of alternative payment methods​
  • Built for cross / omni-channel integration​


AEVI Endpoint management

Endpoint Management

  • Payment device application configuration​
  • Device management and security​
  • Firmware and OS management​
  • Device telemetry and reporting​


AEVI Business Solutions

Business Solutions

  • Enablement​ of 3rd party software solutions / provider
  • Device content creation SDK​
  • Developer tools ​& community
  • Content curation and consultancy ​


AEVI data & integration

Integration & Data

  • API-based onboarding ​& reporting​
  • SmartPOS app to app communication​
  • POS/ECR to payment standards (local and cloud)
  • Merchant & acquirer facing portal-based reporting ​


Solving complexities

The Platform solves key pain points like cross-border payments and multiple vendor relationships. It enables merchant-facing businesses to deploy Point of Sale solutions globally through a single point of integration.

It provides an integrated payments and business application platform, enabling businesses to improve acquisition, retention and cross/up-selling across their merchant base.

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Setup for success with an open platform

that leads to more choices and higher profits.

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The payment solution encompasses a centralized payments platform for routing acquiring transactions, an agnostic payment app and a terminal management system (TMS) – all running across multiple channels, countries and devices from different 3rd party vendors (AEVI-Enabled).


The smartPOS solution enables businesses to leverage the additional power of new smartPOS devices by adding the ability to offer merchants numerous business-enhancing apps. The solution includes device management (DMS), provisioning and application management systems.