The AEVI Platform

Your foundation for next-gen acquiring

 We empower merchant payment solution providers, including acquirers, merchant banks, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and value-added resellers (VARs), to move and manage their classic payments proposition into a new value-added world of apps, payments and smart devices. 

Four powerful components that work together seamlessly

AEVI platform | Payments


Simplifying the payment infrastructure with an enhanced payment gateway for legacy and smart endpoints.

AEVI platform | App Marketplace

App Marketplace

Transforming the classic payments proposition into a new value-added world of apps and services to generate new revenue streams and enhance customer experiences.

AEVI platform | BI Dashboard

BI Dashboard

Consolidating analytics and reporting for better decision-making through an easily accessible and user-friendly dashboard. 

AEVI platform | enabled devices

AEVI-Enabled Endpoints

Choice of a wide range of payment and non-payment devices that can easily be connected to our platform.


How does the AEVI Platform work for you?

We help you to put together a tailored merchant proposition, based on your choice of vendor-agnostic value-added apps, payments and endpoints.

The BI Dashboard by AEVI
AEVI motion: The Simple Payments Platform for Fuel and Convenience Stores (C-Stores)