Smart Volution

Smart Volution has been an AEVI app partner since early 2017. They provide simple and efficient Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) software.

Justin oversees all strategy, sales and operations. Justin is a well-respected industry leader in the field of software, mobility, retail and payments. He has co-presented many times with the likes of Apple, Motorola and Samsung.

Justin Coward

Smart Volution

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How is your app helping merchants improve the consumer experience in-store? 

We help businesses deliver an exceptional purchasing experience and drive profitability with centrally managed operations and reporting by providing Simple and Efficient Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) software.

What attracted you to the AEVI developer community?

Smart Volution and AEVI are complimentary, agnostic and enabling technologies for the mass market. AEVI’s approach to device management, hardware, payment and market place provisioning means that together we can deliver a truly enterprise class, malleable and scalable solution. The combined offering provides simplicity to our end customers and differentiates the overall solution with the added value that we can both focus on our core strengths.

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How would you evaluate your experience working with AEVI?

The AEVI team has been commercially and technically great to work with on all fronts. We have found AEVI to be both smart and have integrity. The project team has been proactive at providing feedback and changes based on customer requirements and we look forward to expanding our solution in conjunction with AEVI. We are excited to continue to work with AEVI and deliver new opportunities together.


What has been your experience working on an AEVI-related project with an acquirer?

When working with an acquirer, Aevi has led the opportunity with integrity while providing us the ability to differentiate on our own merit. AEVI’s focus on leading the total solution has enabled us to focus on what we are good at in an efficient manner without being distracted.

Why is it important to co-exist with other value added apps on a payment device?

Working with other value-added apps within the ecosystem allows us to focus on our specialties and core strengths and greatly enhances the overall solution set to the end customer. This differentiates the total solution, makes it more appealing and hence commercially successful.




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