Use cases.

Whether you are an acquirer, an app developer, or a hardware vendor, here you will find stories of how our clients and partners use the AEVI Platform to transform the in-store experience for merchants and consumers.

SmartVolution showcase Register

App developer use case:
Register by SmartVolution

Smart Volution provides simple and efficient Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) software. They have been an AEVI app partner since early 2017. Read more about what this partnership has done for their business.

App Marketplace use case

Acquirer use case:
smart POS + App Marketplace

AEVI has partnered with some of the top merchant acquirers to provide tailored and relevant solutions to merchants that help them manage their business better and enhance their in-store customer experience. Combining smart POS terminals and value-added apps and services they evolved their merchant Points of Sale into vibrant Points of Interaction.