Use case:
smart POS + App Marketplace

AEVI has partnered with some of the top acquirers to help them step into the new world of value added apps and services, increase customer service and generate new revenue streams. 

Offering tailored solutions to merchants

Customer requirements?

1) An application platform that was device-agnostic, secure and flexible enough to work with their existing hardware vendors.

2) Streamline point of sale equipment with a simple and scalable solution that also helps merchants comply with the new legislation requiring them to equip themselves to fight fraud.

3) Enrich the customer experience at the point of sale by providing consumers with a better shopping experience and streamlining the customer experience before, during and after the sale.



  • Generate new revenue streams from apps
  • Deliver greater value and build stronger relationship with their merchants and channels
  • Support multiple hardware manufacturer’s smart terminals


The AEVI Platform provide the flexibility to change and upgrade new applications and functionality from the App Marketplace, that will work seamlessly at the merchant’s Point of Interaction.

The client now offers the flexibility of a rich, android-based application marketplace and payment solution with the security of next-generation android smart terminals from multiple hardware vendors.

They are delivering tailored, value-added solutions that enhance their merchants’ checkout experience, employee management, loyalty programs and more, across different verticals.

This allows small and mid-size merchants and channel partners to revolutionize payments at the Point of Interaction.

Merchant Scenarios

Great examples of how the AEVI Platform can improve the customer experience at the Point of Interaction for different merchants types. There is no one-size-fits-all, each type of merchant will have different needs. 

At the restaurant: personalized and accurate

Apps at the restaurantA restaurant wants to turn around as many covers as possible, manage staff shifts and stock easily. Services and apps they will be interested in improve the experience them and their customers: An employee management app allows for staff to know when their shift arena provide a truthful reflection on employees’ working hours. With loyalty and marketing app, they can bring customer back in the restaurant, offer coupons and generate loyalty. 

Apps at the restaurant:

At the garage: up-selling and loyalty

Apps at the restaurantFor this type of merchant, the focus is on a simple, mobile solution that offers some value add to the sale and greater convenience for the consumer. An app to let them book a convenient time, whilst letting the garage manage their workload. An app that pushes a notification to the customer when the car is ready to be picked up. Just a simple portable device is ideal, to avoid using up too much counter space.

Apps at the car garage

At the beauty spa: automated booking, reminders and more value added services

Apps at the restaurantBeauty spas and salons will be looking to provide stress-free experiences to their customers.

There will likely be a reception, therefore a countertop device could be their go to option.

The customer journey usually start when they browse services online and can easily book the service. The apps they will likely use include loyalty app and scheduling app, which makes it more enticing for the customer to keep coming back.

Apps at the beauty spa

At the dry cleaner: easy reminders combined with loyalty

Apps at the restaurantThe sales attendant will be behind the counter, therefore a countertop device is the best option.

Every item will be priced differently and there is no need for an extensive menu, therefore a simple register app is sufficient.

As value adds, a loyalty app and an app which texts the customer once the items are ready are great, unexpected services.

App at the dry cleaner

Apps at the dry cleaners