A custom payments platform for Fuel & C-Stores

Accept any payment method, on any device, at the pump, the wash-park or other outdoor self-service stations.

  • Keep up with changes in the market.
  • An open platform brings everything together.
  • Fast, secure and convenient.
  • Compliant with EMV pump mandate.
  • Enable in-car payments.
  • A seamless checkout experience.

A future proof payments platform.

A cloud-based platform will allow you to offer the seamless customer experience that is necessary to stay relevant in today’s market.


Centralize your payment infrastructure and move it to our global cloud-based platform


Modernize and digitalize your existing customer-present payment proposition


Combine payments across all your channels and countries (cross-border)

Reduce costs

Reduce costs due to dynamic acquirer switching

Centralized Reporting

Keep your customers engaged with value-added apps and services that drive higher sales and encourage more frequent visits


Introduce new innovative ways to pay to serve consumer demands

pay anywhere with the AEVI cloud solution
In– and outdoor card acceptance

Enabled your customers to pay at any of your touchpoints outdoor (e.g at the pump, wash park, etc.) or in-store with any payment method they prefer.

B2B card acceptance

For better connected and engaged customers, enable them to use their loyalty or fleet card at your partner’s station, business-to-business, anytime and anywhere. Increase your acceptance network and customer loyalty.

AEVI cloud solution is based on world standards
Based on world standards

AEVI Motion is based on Conexxus, the standard in financial data technology.

Multi-acquirer solution
Multi-acquirer routing

Easily switch between acquirers to ensure dynamic routing of transactions.

Easy integrationEasy integration

API-based platform components enable customers to easily onboard new technologies and business solutions.

Data portal

Data flow & business insights

AEVI’s AppFlow service creates a workflow that collects, passes and presents the correct data to deliver an optimal payments experience and 24/7 overview.

Payment standards

Using the ISO20022 open standard, making the end-to-end payments rail NEXO-certifiable where applicable.

Any device
Any device

AEVI’s endpoint management allows for any device to be set up, managed and supported in the field and across borders.

SmartPOS ready
Smart POS ready

Content creation on the AEVI platform allows any 3rd party business solution to be crafted into highly targeted merchant propositions to enhance the in-store customer experience with value-added services.

Fuel and c-stores facing increasing challenges

  • Payments and security issues at the forecourt, including smart payment methods becoming available at the pump and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • Offering an enhanced customer experience by offering more services as expectations grow
  • Matching increased consumer demands to pay with latest payment methods and technologies
  • X-border payments
  • Trying to keep up with frictionless shopping experiences
  • The unstoppable shift to EVs and the integration of new technologies on the forecourt


Transformation of the forecourt

The number of fuel and c-stores has declined across the US and Europe at an approximate rate of 30% over the past 20 years. Businesses are experiencing profound shifts from fuel being the predominant source of revenue, 90% in 2014, to a situation whereby retail, food and beverage as well as additional new services will account for 70% of revenue by 2029.

As fuels sales are declining non-fuel retail offerings will gain prominence. To future proof business, we must recognize that forecourts are now not seen only as petrol stations but rather as convenience stores, selling fuel. For a seamless customer experience, stores need payment systems with omnichannel solutions to drive revenue and profits in the c-store and at the forecourt.

A simple, scalable and powerful platform is needed to overcome these challenges, meet evolving customer needs, and power future growth across multiple states or countries.

With our platform, you can reduce complexity, power the adoption of new technologies, and deliver enhanced experiences.

Our open and vendor- agnostic platform saves you time, money and growing pains by consolidating the management of all your fragmented endpoints, transactions, and data with one simple integration. 

Once we’ve reduced the complexity of your payment infrastructure, the platform enhances your reporting and transforms the in-store experience with new business solutions.

With AEVI by your side, you can

  1. Fuel further growth
  2. Make your business smarter
  3. Deliver greater value to your customers

Do you serve international retailers, fuel & c-stores?

Partner with us to enrich your current offering with a global platform for payment acceptance.

Check out our partnership with bp and Diebold Nixdorf to see what we can achieve together.