Powering integrated payments for a digital-first world

Scale up with a cloud-based platform

  • Flexible payment orchestration lets you offer integrated payment solutions to your customers and partners.
  • Add value to your software products. Our cloud-based platform is ready for whatever comes next.
  • Our open platform brings everything together and slots into existing systems.
  • Grow your business and help your customers grow theirs.

Introduce new solutions for accepting payments, with a future-proof business model that can keep up with more than just price. Our partnership can be moulded to your customer needs. Talk to us about the best way to modernize and digitalize your existing F2F payment proposition. We’re both good at what we do, but together we can be better.

Addressing the complexities of today 

There are various complexities that the modern-day ISV must address. These include:

  • Need for attractive proposition towards all channels combining online/offline payment integrations 
  • Integrating soft- and hardware 
  • Ability to merge solution silos built on legacy infrastructure into one appealing future-ready platform 
  • Intense competition  
  • High investor expectations 
  • Need to grow and innovate fast to achieve economies of scale and scope 
  • Need partners to accelerate integration and payment proposition 
  • Regulation and international fragmentation of payment space 


Embrace the future

Modernize your payments acceptance infrastructure and checkout experience and turn it into a holistic commerce offering for merchants.
Fully digitize your endpoints, reducing channel cost while boosting flexibility and innovation for you and your channel partners.

AEVI are the experts in simplifying the payment world. Our open and vendor-agnostic platform saves you time, money and growing pains by consolidating the management of all your fragmented endpoints, transactions, and data with one simple integration.

Standards for Cloud Payments

Satisfy your merchants

With our platform you can enable your solution on payment devices that will work best for your merchants. 

Endpoint Management Platform

Enjoy flexibility

Have the flexibility to own your solution and tailor it to the needs of your merchants. Take centre stage: Customize the solution with your logo and brand colours. 

Centralized reporting portal in The AEVI Platform

Go smart

Open up smart devices and management capabilities. Find out more about Endpoint Management.

Centralized reporting portal in The AEVI Platform

Cost efficient

Ability to spread costs across many acquirers.

Agnostic payment app


Customize the solution for your specific market verticals. Separate your acquiring services from the front end. 

Open API's

Maintain control

Maintain control of your software stack: gain platform and payment capabilities. 

Open API's

Embrace efficiency

You are able to do all the coding once then replicate from there 

Open API's


As you become acquirer agnostic you can approach new markets without the extra leg work. Remove any regionalization challenges with a payment solution that is ready to go. 

Stay one step ahead of your competitors and change the payments game with AEVI.